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Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

Different Strokes x Hattie (All You Want x Miss H)

Bred by Laird

Stress: NEG    EN: 18-3    Reg#: 113329003

Heat Stroke was a February boar we did not do justice to in the hustle to get the stud started. We did him a disservice by not showing him at the open house but those that saw him later loved him and used him on some really good females. The most massive Berkshire we offer with a tail set and set to his rear two that is ideal AND it is all wrapped up in a perfectly marked jet-black package.

As we have discussed elsewhere, most of the boars in stud have some great females behind them and he has our best 2 Berkshire sows directly behind him on the bottom side – Hattie – Grand Gilt 2010 InSF & Miss Hathaway the 2008 Team Purebred Foundation Female who is the basis for everything in our Berkshire program.

We have been very pleased to hear great reports on Heat Stroke babies in the SW this summer & fall including the $2500 Reserve & 4th Place Weanling gilts @ Duncan. These gilts were Heat Stroke on SuperFly’s littermate sister who stood 2nd @ San Angelo.


Class Winning Berk Gilt

Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Trenton Collings

Sired by: Heat Stroke


Champion Berk


Shown by: Maston Box

Bred by: Holt

Sired by: Heat Stroke

Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt

Fall Classic

Shown by: Gross Livestock

Bred by: Gross Livestock

Sired by: Heat Stroke

Reserve Gilt

NSR Extravaganza

Shown by: Arnold

Bred by: Arnold

Sired by: Heat Stroke