Curtain Call x Visionary - Grand Gilt 2015 Indi

Bred by Decker Showpigs

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Curtain Call x Silver Lining’s Mom (Visionary x On Top)

Bred By: Decker Showpigs

OVATION! An elite blue belted Curtain Call son that we were pumped to get bought from Decker this fall as a weanling! When we made the trip over to look through the set of pigs at Decker’s this fall, they were incredibly deep, pen after pen, in quality as it always is there! This blue belted Curtain Call son was an absolute standout along with his littermates who sold extremely well in that online sale as well! We knew instantly that we needed to buy OVATION and bring him to PBG! Big time Curtain Call son that has a VERY bright future!!!

OVATION is royally bred, being a Curtain Call son back on Silver Lining’s mother. That sow was Taylor Schuerman’s 2015 Indiana State Fair Grand Overall Gilt and has done an absolutely incredible job as a generator for Deckers. OVATION’s grandmother is the living legend, MOUSE sow, who has proven to be one of the truly great ones! Visually, OVATION is one impressive individual! Awesome in his skeletal build and looseness of structure. He is bold and opened up with a lot of back shape and expression working throughout! As he tracks away, he plants a giant hind leg that functions and drives to perfection. He is stout skulled, yet still maintains a great showhog look and balances up extremely well when viewed from the side!As an added bonus, his distinctive color pattern makes them easy to sell early and will always stand out from the crowd in the showring! Big time Curtain Call son from an incredible sow line and program that consistently wins at the highest levels! Let OVATION lead you to the winners circle!!

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