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Double Time x Legend

Bred by Norman Bros. & Sons

Stress: CAR    EN: 50-2    Reg#: 167771002

SILENCER is our private treaty purchase we made from Norman’s on a trip right after WPX. With the immediate popularity and demand for NOISE COMPLAINT, we called Grant to see if there were any littermate brothers that we needed to come see. He indicated that there was indeed one that we needed to come take a look at and SILENCER is the result of that trip! SILENCER offers many of the same characteristics that made us fall in love with NOISE COMPLAINT, yet still has some very unique parts and pieces that are very different than his brother! We knew we needed to bring SILENCER home to stand alongside NOISE COMPLAINT and are thrilled to offer a pair of Spot boars of this caliber to our customers! We truly believe they can help take the breed to the next level!!

SILENCER is the heavier muscled, bulkier bodied of the pair. He offers incredible back shape and spread, with a deep groove running from his blade to his hip. He has a big hip that is loaded with muscle and product that he carries down through his stifle. Like NOISE COMPLAINT, he has absolutely ginormous legs, while still offering really impressive set to his hock. SILENCER is really attractive through his head and neck, yet still has a stout skull and is very masculine in his jaw. We invite you to come study this pair of littermate boars. While similar in their overall build and design, they both offer their own unique traits that make them stand outs as individuals!