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Quick Fuse

Quick Fuse

Prototype x Distinct x Johnny Monster

Bred by Weisinger Farms

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Littermate to Psycho @ PBG, Paige Miller's WPX 3rd Overall Barrow (Champion Div 1) & Carter Hoge's 5th Overall Div 2 Barrow.

Quick Fuse and Psycho are littermate Prototype sons we purchased from Weisinger Farms! With the immediate success and popularity of Prototype, locating a son was of top priority. We were lucky to find these two boars that will continue to build on the winning legacy Prototype and New Standard have started! They are out of an incredibly deep litter including Paige Miller’s 2018 WPX Third Overall and Champion Division II Cross Barrow, as well as Hoge’s 2018 WPX 5th Overall Division III Barrow! This litter also included Weisnger’s $8,000 lead off gilt at Sweethearts, as well as a gilt we purchased for our sow herd this Spring in their on-line sale! Sired by Prototype and out of a Distinct x Johnny Monster sow, this pair of boars offer a very unique blend of genetics that all add up to two powerhouse crossbred boars!

Quick Fuse is the boar that most resembles his sire of the pair! He has the bulk, shape, and incredible look of Prototype with the extreme flexibility and range of motion of Distinct! Quick Fuse has a very unique look, offering extension and eye appeal, while maintaining an incredible stoutness and masculinity to his head and jaw. He is busted open with an incredibly shapely back with a big, square hip! We believe Quick Fuse will prove to be a tremendous sire of deep, consistent litters that have the extras necessary to win at all levels! Thanks again to Weisinger Farms for allowing us to purchase such an incredible pair of Prototype sons to stand alongside their sire!