Stressed Out x Non-Typical

Bred by Mauck Show Hogs

Stress: CAR    EN: 43-1    Reg#: 144218001

When Nick Mauck says he has a boar that is the best hog they have ever produced of any color, we get very excited. This Berkshire boar is built to make a RADICAL change! Simply put , RADICAL is one of the best Berkshire boars we have ever seen! A bold statement, but RADICAL can definitely back that up! After seeing him, it didn’t take long to realize that RADICAL was a very special boar! He is sired by Stressed Out and out of a Non-Typical sow that is the mother of Ty Goss’s 2017 OYE Grand Overall gilt that sold for $32,500! RADICAL is backed by years of Berkshire domination on both sides of his pedigree, providing us with up-most confidence in his generating ability as a sire!

RADICAL is absolutely flawless in his skeletal design. He is tall fronted, long about his neck, while remaining very stout and masculine in his skull. RADICAL is big and bold in his forearm, exhibits excellent turn to his upper rib with really good center body dimension. As he tracks away, he plants and drives with unbelievable comfort and range of motion on one of the best hind legs we have ever seen in this breed. When you get on top of him, RADICAL is descript in his muscle pattern with a groove running from his blade back to his hip. RADICAL is very square and true in his build from the top of his skeleton all the way to the ground, standing on enormous feet and huge, wide spread toes. Most importantly, RADICAL is absolutely loaded with "IT FACTOR" This is a truly special individual that is bred and built to make a substantial impact on the breed!

Radical is a Stress Carrier so breed accordingly but we think he is definitely worth a shot on your premier sows - he will definitely see the top end of ours!!!

Spring In-Season 2018
(Mar 12 - May 31)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)