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Lamborghini Mercy

Lamborghini Mercy

Home Invasion x Long Time Coming

Bred by Miller Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 2-4    Reg#: 477157004

Lambo is a Hamp boar we can recommend to breed to almost any Hamp sow you have and we believe that is a very hard thing to find.  We have been breeding Hampshires for 32 years and it has certainly been a challenging breed the last few years but we hope and honestly believe Lambo could help get things turned around.  Lambo continues to look as impressive as he did at the open house last year and can flat motor all day long.   We love showing him off.

Chloe Studebaker had a great summer with her Lambo gilt winning 4 Grand Overalls  & a Reserve Overall in Ohio & winning her class at the Ohio State Fair.

We believe Lambo would be an incredible option to take to the power gilts to maintain their power and yet ensure the feet and legs stay true.

For those that demand to drive only the very best – we offer Lambo!!!!!