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Take Aim

Take Aim

On Target x Supermonster

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

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We are very pleased to introduce TAKE AIM our On-Target x Supermonster (Visionary's Dam) purchase from Steve Cobb & Family. This guy is just flat massive everywhere you look and one of the biggest backed boars we have seen. He doesn't have a ditch running down his back - he has a full-blown river. Where he really gets unique is when you match that mass up with an extremely correct and flexible structure. TAKE AIM is a boar that has been extemely popular with visitors and... we think one you can't truly appreciate until you see him in person. Then when you study the genetics behind TAKE AIM - On Target x Visionary's mom- it gets us really excited.

Aaron's description of TAKE AIM:

"Take Aim is the Target son WE HAVE BEEN HOPING FOR! He not perfect, nor was On Target which aired multiple Champions in just first couple seasons of use including Grand at Arkansas State Fair that went on to be named Reserve Grand at NAILE last Fall. He also sired Grand at NE State Fair both FFA & 4-H Shows. Plus numerous others at all levels of competition. Point is, they don't have to be perfect to be great breeding hogs. We decided we'd keep him within hours after birth.

We have always known the importance of producing sons out of such a Matriarch female as 15-9 (Visionary's Mother). It allows for intense line breeding of the sow while inserting enough other genetic influence from different sires. We think Take Aim can be bred to a variety of types and kinds and genotypes but IT IS A MUST that if you have Visionary daughters to us him back on them!"