Monster Square x Visionary

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:

Premium Blend is extremely proud to introduce UNDISPUTED our Monster Square x Visionary x Bear purchase from Cobbs. When we purchased Visionary and Beyond three years ago we felt we had just purchased the best pair of boars we had seen. Those two boars have certainly delivered and have had an incredible amount of success. We truly believe UNDISPUTED can take that success to a new level!! UNDISPUTED combines a Visionary-like look and elevation through his front third yet com...bines that with tremendous mass, power, and dimension. The turn to his upper rib and depth of body is extremely impressive. Crazy heavy boned, big footed, and flawless in his skeletal design. The angles and proportions to his skeleton are so rare and unique, especially when it is coupled with all the extras and extremes he offers.

Simply put, we think this one is absolutely incredible.

Aaron's comments on UNDISPUTED :

"Undisputed is as good as any we have ever put together - Period. I'm sticking to the answer to the question of what to breed him to with: The best one you have in heat.
I've never thought the term... "Freak of Nature" should be applied to a truly great one. Yet, it's hard to know how else to explain Undisputed except that he's Freakishly Balanced with still all the extras to produce dominating show stock! Best advice I have for folks serious about making good ones is to - GO SEE UNDISPUTED!"

Thanks again to the Cobb family for allowing us to purchase UNDISPUTED. We think he can make a long-lasting impact in the showring and in making better breeding stock!!!

Owned with Steve Cobb & Family

Summer Off-Season
(May 14 - Jul 31)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


Reserve Grand Breeding Gilt

OH Pigs Summer Show Circuit

Shown by: Oakley Engle

Bred by: Seth Keplinger

Sired by: Undisputed

Champion Cross/Reserve Overall

Centex Classic

Shown by: Hunter Day

Bred by: R4 Genetics/Burke Robinson

Sired by: Undisputed