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Bold Statement

Bold Statement

Perfect Storm x Black List

Bred by Randy Huseman

Stress: NEG    EN: 6-2    Reg#: 47249002

BOLD STATEMENT is our exciting Poland purchase from Duncan that we have very high hopes for!! Perfect Storm has cut a wide swath through the breed the last several years so anytime a son of this caliber is for sale, we make it a priority to own him!

BOLD STATEMENT is cut from the same mold as his illustrious sire in his overall design and build! Where he excels his sire is his enormous chest floor and overall bulk and mass!! BOLD STATEMENT is ridiculous in the spread and turn to the upper part of his skeleton and rib shape. Massive in his forearm and blade, yet still very comfortable and athletic in motion!

BOLD STATEMENT does so many things that are very hard to put together in this breed in a stress negative, complete package that still offers the "extremes" that it takes to make serious breed progress!!