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Black Byrd

Black Byrd

Man In Black x Superfly

Bred by Burt Byrd

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Black Byrd is our 2016 SWTC Reserve Champion Berkshire Boar purchase from Bert Byrd! Bert Byrd has had an incredible influence on the Berkshire breed, and specifically in the southwest where his hogs and genetics have proven hard to beat at the major stock shows for many years!

Genetically, Black Byrd offers an outcross to many Berkshire lines on the top side of his pedigree! Back to Black has made a difference in making better Berkshire hogs, most notably, "Shoot To Thrill" the former record selling Berkshire boar, as well as his littermate gilt that brought $20,000! On the bottom side is the legendary SuperFly who did an absolutely incredible job for us during his time at PBG!

Visually, Black Byrd is a very interesting boar. Moderate in his frame, expressive in his shape, and opened up from the top of his skeleton all the way to the ground! Back Byrd still has the ability to reach and go off both ends with a long, flexible stride. This is a Berkshire boar to make a change in a hurry!! If you need to inject muscle, power, and width while maintain structure and balance-Black Byrd is the boar for you!!