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Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Perfect Storm x Tobasco

Bred by PBG

Stress: CAR    EN: 42-5    Reg#: 46436005

We are very proud to introduce PERFECT 10. PERFECT 10 is a PBG-bred son of Perfect Storm on our Tobasco daughter who was Reserve Champion Poland Jr Gilt @ 2012 WPX.

PERFECT 10 combines Perfect Storm’s trademark look and flexibility with an incredible amount of mass & stoutness. Huge topped, monster ribbed, deep flanked, huge rumped on tree-trunk legs - HE IS MASSIVE EVERYWHERE YOU STUDY HIM!

Polands have certainly made great strides in the past few years and are now competing for Overall banners. We think PERFECT 10 offers the stoutness and mass to take them to the next level. We believe PERFECT 10 fits exactly what many Poland China females need and can make a tremendous impact on the Poland China breed.

PERFECT 10’s first babies have hit the ground here and they are very impressive and are MONSTER legged.

We don't know what it would have cost to purchase this one at a show - and we are thrilled we didn't have to find out.