Collection Times

Collection days are typically Monday & Thursday. During peak season of mid-August thru at least mid-October, we will collect many boars on Sunday night & Wednesday night. Pick up of that semen on those nights is possible but please contact us in advance to ensure it will be available.


Orders may be placed anytime 8AM to 5PM EST Monday thru Friday by calling 1-855-PBG-PIGS (724-7447).

Please order by 5 PM on day semen is to be shipped to ensure UPS Pick-up however many times we can ship until 6PM . Ordering early is the best answer but we understand heat cycles don’t always work out as planned and will do our best to get the shipment out.

Semen orders are filled in the order in which they are received.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received by 9:00 am EST on the day of collection day to allow semen to be available for other customers.

Payment Options

All shipments must be paid for prior to shipment.

We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard & American Express

COD payments are accepted but must be paid via cashier’s check or money order and will be charged an $11 COD fee.

List , Overrun & Last Call Semen Pricing Schedule

WHEN SEMEN THAT IS COLLECTED EXCEEDS ORDERS WE RECEIVE, WE OFFER OVERRUN DISCOUNTS. Call AFTER 11AM EST on collection days for availability of overrun semen. Most semen will be available at ½ price.





We are very proud to offer extremely competitive shipping pricing. Currently all shipments are shipped
for $70 or less nationwide. We also offer FREE shipping on ALL orders of $1,500 or more.

All semen is shipped UPS Next Day Air unless otherwise requested at the time the order is placed.

We can ship to most of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, & Ohio for $20 or less via next day ground shipments.

Guarantee Settle


We are very proud of our conception rates and the tremendous job our customers have done getting them settled. Our guarantee settle policy is based on and will be

continued as an honor system. All semen purchased @ In-Season Full List Price will be covered by guarantee settle insurance IF reported within 30 days of the semen ship date. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the 30-DAY policy and credit may not be carried beyond the 1 rebreed following the initial order unless agreed to prior to purchase.

One re-breed with 2 doses will be provided and must be for the consecutive breeding cycle. Semen replacement only is covered and the purchaser will be responsible for any shipping and handling charges.

PBG cannot ensure that semen will be available for rebreed from the sire purchased initially. Replacement orders will be handled like all other orders, if the sire is available at time of call-in, you will receive the semen. The re-breed can be to the initial boar purchased or any other sire of equal or lesser value.

If desired to pay FULL IN-SEASON PRICE to obtain the guarantee settle insurance, please let us know at time of ordering.

Semen is considered eligible for replacement if 2 doses are used per female. Missing 1 of 2 or multiple sows on 1 dose or less does not qualify any of the females for free

replacement. Guarantee settle insurance is a replacement of doses and is not a credit of the $ value of the semen. Guarantee settle insurance is not a money-back


Missing the females heat cycle, spilling the semen or any other issue beyond PBG's control is not considered an instance that would warrant free replacement. PBG is guaranteeing the semen to be a viable and quality product but must have a reasonable opportunity to settle the female.

ALL semen from all purchases must be paid to be eligible for replacement doses and we must be notified at the time of ordering if the order is for replacement semen.

Breeding Certificates

An A.I. Breeding Certificate is required by all breed registries in order to register your purebred litter out of an A/I sire if you are not the owner.

All semen must be paid in full before an A.I. breeding certificate will be submitted.

On-line submission is the best method to ensure all information is accurate. Planning ahead is very much appreciated and at least 3 days should be planned for processing of the request. We typically process same day but is not guaranteed.

NSR, CPS, and Berkshire breeding certificates are submitted by PBG to the registries on-line.

Hereford and Tamworth breeding certificates require litter applications be submitted in writing – please plan well ahead to account for the mailing time.

Ai Certificate Pricing

-AI Certs for NSR Breeds (Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Yorkshire) are $40,

-AI Certs for Berkshire, Tamworth and CPS Breeds (Chester, Poland, Spot, Hereford) are $30

One of the following dates is required for all AI certificates.

Date Semen Shipped - Date Bred - Date Farrowed

Boar registration numbers and ear-notches are listed in the catalog and on each boar’s page.

AI Certificate Process Information

In order to register the litter properly, the information needed by each breed association varies and is listed below.

National Swine Registry requires a herdmark that is assigned by the association as requested by you. PBG
must have the herdmark to submit the certificate. If you do not have a herdmark please call the NSR at 765-463-3594.

American Berkshire Association requires a herdmark that is assigned by the association as requested by you. PBG
must have the herdmark to submit the certificate. If you do not have a herdmark please call the ABA at 765-497-3618

Certified Pedigreed Swine – Utilizes a breeder number which they will provide to you and can be obtained by calling CPS at 309-691-0151.

For the Tamworth the name of the person registering the litter is required. Contact information for those associations are below:

American Berkshire Association –

Tamworth Association –

Please let us know if you have any questions and planning ahead is the absolute best plan to ensure having the pedigree in hand as you unload for the show.

Boar Tours

Boar tours are by appointment. We are thrilled to show our boars any chance we get but we also have to be respectful of our customers and we have found it is best to avoid any disruption to the routine on collection days for the boars and the staff. Therefore, we do not show boars on collection days - Mondays and Thursdays. Standard viewing times are Tuesdays & Fridays but the schedule varies throughout the year so please call ahead at least 1 week prior to the intended date to confirm we will be showing the boars that date.

Exclusion of Warranty

Although the use of artificial insemination is very successful, PBG Inc. cannot control the situations under which the boar semen is used, or applied, and therefore makes no warranties or representations beyond these expressly stated. PBG warrants that the product sold is of the upmost quality, good concentration at the time it leaves the facility. PBG Inc. makes no other guarantees, warranties, representations, either written or oral,expressed or implied.

Specifically, Premium Blend Genetics makes no guarantees concerning conception rate, breed purity of sires or health of the product.

In the event that any semen is damaged in shipment, or proven to be defective, resulting from their use, the value shall be limited to the cost of the semen. In no event shall PBG be held responsible for any consequential or incidental damages.

Artificial Insemination Tips


Do not refrigerate fresh semen. Store as close to 64°F as possible and avoid temperature change as much as possible.

Gently rotate the bottles at least twice a day, more often if possible.


This may be the single most important step to insure that you are successful with A.I.! Without systemic and careful heat detection, optimum time of insemination cannot be determined.

You should observe animals for heat twice a day, preferably twelve hours apart. Look for swelling of the vulva, riding other sows, restlessness, clear discharge from the vulva, riding and “roaring”. All or any of these signs may be present.

Having a boar to use for heat detection is a major plus if an option. Avoid contact of the females to the boars as it is best to bring the boar to the females. If a boar is not available, boar spray can be a useful tool to detect standing heat. When the sow/gilt will stand for back pressure from the, she is then in “standing heat”.


Sows and gilts should be bred 12-24 hours after they show standing with gilts to be bred earlier than sows. A second insemination should follow 12 to 24 hours after the first with gilts again on an earlier schedule.

Continue to check heat even after insemination. The sow/gilt should not stand more than 12 hours after insemination. If she is still
standing 24 hours later be sure to document for reference the next time that female is to be bred.


All Insemination techniques

Always be sure A.I. equipment is clean! Disposable equipment is recommended to insure cleanliness.

Wipe the vulva before insemination with a dry towel.

Insert the breeding rod into the vagina at an upward angle and push forward firmly while maintaining the upward angle. (This will avoid accidentally putting the rod in the urinary bladder). If the vagina is a little dry, use a non-spermicidal commercial lubricant (usually available from PBG). Some use a few drops of semen as the lubricant but we like very drop heading into our sows.

Standard Insemination Rods

When the rod stops, you have reached the cervix. If you are using a spirette, turn it counter-clockwise and forward until it locks. If you are using a foam tip rod, push gently forward until you feel one or two “pops”.

Once the rod is in place, attach the tube to the rod, turn the tube upside down and press gently until the bottle is empty. NOTE: Patience is the absolute key and can be very difficult to maintain. If the semen will not go in, reposition the rod slightly and try again. Allow time for the sow/gilt to realize she is being bred. A small amount of backflow is not unusual – if it appears to be excessive, stop and reposition the rod. When the bottle is empty, remove the spirette by turning clockwise and gently pulling backwards. If using a foam tip rod pull backward gently yet firmly.

Deep Insemination Rods

We use deep insemination rods to breed 99% of our females at PBG (only time we don’t is if we run out of them). We find it is much more time efficient, requires much less patience and skill during the actual breeding and we do not have to deal with a boar trying to get to the sow in heat or have females fired up trying to ride or fight to get to the boar while breeding. Our settle percentage has been tremendous with deep AI rods. We prefer the manual position rods over the balloon type as it avoids the premature discharge that we sometimes have with the balloon rods.

For deep AI, we run a boar by the females morning and night to determine which are in heat. We move those females ready to breed into individual pens if possible to avoid fighting and jumping. We then feed and insert the rod while the females are eating. We then wait for 2 to 3 minutes to make sure there are no contractions taking place. With deep AI we want the sow totally relaxed and not thinking about breeding as we put the semen where it needs to be. With deep AI we can breed a female in 5 to 10 seconds and typically not lose a drop.

Preferably we will then run a boar by the females to start contractions to pull every drop to the eggs.