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Back Story

Back Story

Back Drop x The King x Secret Society

Bred by Lackey Livestock

Stress: CAR    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A

BACK STORY is an elite purchase off the farm from Lackey Livestock! We made the trip to Lackey’s in April the week of the Lackey Spring Farm Sale and were looking through the young boar prospects. As soon as the pen BACK STORY was in came out to the viewing area, we immediately said “What is that 59 litter pig?!?” That “59 litter pig” is now known as BACK STORY! He hit us so hard for a young pig to be so heavy duty and stout in his skeleton, yet still offering EXTREME muscle shape and a deadly look from the side! He was such an impressive baby pig, but more importantly has remained a stud throughout his maturity pattern. He has never had a bad day and just kept coming and has matured into an absolute beast! Sired by the extremely successful Back Drop and out of a The King x Secret Society sow! Diving deeper, that Secret Society grandmother is a littermate to the 2019 American Royal (Kansas City) Grand Overall Market Hog!!! BACK STORY is a big-time boar out of an incredible litter from a breeder that is known for generating boars that leave a lasting impact and creating a legacy!! We think BACK STORY has a chance to write his own chapter!

BACK STORY is a boar that we have a ton of faith in!! It may seem like a generic description, but he simply looks like the kind of boar that can make the kind of elite level show barrows and gilts that it takes to win in the big rings at the highest levels of competition! He’s just got that “It” factor that the best ones always have! As we described above, he has the rare ability to be incredibly stout and dense in his skeleton and features, while still offering a crisp, defined muscle pattern and tremendous natural presence. His proportions are spot on, and he exudes balance from the side profile! We have owned some extremely influential boars from Lackey Livestock over the years, and while it may be cliche to say, we truly believe that BACK STORY has a chance to go down as the best one we have purchased from them!! We are very high on this boar and think he has an extreme amount of potential to be a dominating kind of sire! You gotta get the BACK STORY!!!