Next Intention x (KOH) Rusty Cage's Littermate

Bred by Schwecke Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


Next Intention x Rusty Cage’s Sister (King Of The Hill x Visionary x Bear 22)

Bred By: Schwecke Genetics

Stress Negative

The popularity of UNLEASHED during tours has been very exciting to see!! Sired by Next Intention who has been on an absolute tear and out of a littermate to the very popular and successful Rusty Cage, MUST SEE has a very powerful pedigree that should fit a very wide range of sow bases!!

We purchased UNLEASHED as a young prospect out of an incredibly deep litter from Schwecke Genetics, a firm that is absolutely blazing a trail of winners all over the country!! Since getting him home, we knew we were working with one that had a chance to be very special and he has matured into a beast!!

UNLEASHED is so unique in his ability to have so many extremes and “est” traits, yet doing so in such a balanced, square, functional package. He is a very attractive boar that offers a great look through his front and yet is still extremely stout and masculine in his features. UNLEASHED drives at you busted open with a bold sprung chest floor and displays this width and dimension throughout his body cavity. His hip and hind leg design is incredible with a hind leg that motors and reaches at an elite level. As you view him up top, he is muscular and shapely about his back, and transitions back to a big hip and full rump. As stated above, his hind leg is as good as you can make one and it’s incredible to watch it reach and plant with ease as he drives away.

We have strong belief that UNLEASHED can produce winners at the highest levels on lots of different types of females. He just does so many things extremely well, with the extras to get to the next level.

We love to show him off and can’t wait for him to be UNLEASHED!

(May 2 - Jul 27)
(After 11am)
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