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Big Easy

Big Easy

Skull & Bones x Lesson Learned

Bred by Soileau Farms

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(Skull & Bones x Skull & Bones mom (Lesson Learned x Best Man)

Bred By: Soileau Farms

Stress Negative

BIG EASY is our $42,500 weanling purchase from Soileau Farms at King's Of The Hill Pig Sale this past fall. Leading up to the sale, Gabe texted us and said he thought he was taking the best pig he had ever raised to the sale. From a breeder with as many big wins at major barrow shows, as well as producing extremely influential boars as Soileau Farms has, that is a big statement. However, after seeing him there at the sale, and even more so after watching him develop into an absolute beast, that statement looks to be correct! Sired by the highly popular and successful Skull & Bones and then back Skull & Bone's mother, BIG EASY is a tightly linebred boar that should intensify the extreme generating potential that he brings to the table!! He's got it all with the genetics to back it up!!

BIG EASY is so impressive from every angle you analyze him. He offfers the elusive combination of extreme power and mass, with an attractive look and overall skeletal correctness. He is incredible in terms of his build and construction with a hip design and hind leg that works to perfection. BIG EASY comes at you big and bold with a huge chest and stout forearm and front foot. He opens with great spread out of the backside of his blade, demonstrating a deep groove all the way back to a big square hip and thick rump. From the side, he is so attractive in his design being elevated, tall shouldered with a great look through his head and neck. He is proportionate in his construction and reads like a very versatile sire that can work on a wide variety of sows!! BIG EASY is one of the most popular boars we have owned amongst visitors to the stud and we are pumped to see what he can accomplish going forward as a sire!! BIG EASY is one impressive stud!!


Reserve Overall Market Hog

OCPA Day 1

Shown by: Karsen Ketner

Bred by: Marek

Sired by: Big Easy

Grand Overall Market Hog

Shown by: Layne Allen

Bred by: Lance Ryan

Sired by: Big Easy