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Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Scuba Steve x Backdraft x Bomb Squad

Bred by Lackey Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: 157-4    Reg#: 428427004

BIG DADDY!!! This powerful Duroc boar was purchased off the farm from Lackey Livestock early this summer. Jason had told us that he thought he had made a red boar that was very special and Jason is the kind of guy that makes you pay attention and get serious when he says he’s got one like that! We made the trip to Texas and when we stepped in the barn, BIG DADDY was posing in the pen, and it didn’t take long to realize that he was definitely that elite kind that make for an easy decision to buy! BIG DADDY is sired by Scuba Steve, (Deal With It x Next Chapter x No Rules) at Lackey Livestock and his mother is a Backdraft x Bomb Squad. That Backdraft female was one that Weston Lackey showed with a lot of success and the Bomb Squad grandmother has proven to be a potent generator as well! You don’t have to be a genius to know that BIG DADDY’s pedigree is packing serious heat and is loaded with elite duroc boars and sow families behind them! Adding even more value is the depth of quality of the litter that BIG DADDY is out of! The Platt boys have showed a littermate sister to Grand or Reserve Grand Overall Gilt honors and Ella Bobell showed a littermate Barrow at The Exposition that was 5th Overall in the Heavyweight Division! An additional mate barrow was shown by the Clift Family and was second in class behind Bobell’s barrow! Talks about a stacked litter! BIG DADDY is a big league Duroc boar out of an incredible litter, with a genetic makeup that would be hard to top when discussing successful Duroc pedigrees! We think this boar is a very, very good one!!!

BIG DADDY is a boar that offers a unique build and pattern relative to many Duroc boars we have seen out lately. He is extremely expressive in his muscle pattern and has an enormous top and huge hip! He reads like a true power hog as he drives at you with a bold chest, stout skull, all while still possessing a killer look through his head and neck! As you study him from the side, his proportions are the kind you want to win big barrow shows, yet he still has the kind of elevation and build to make those big ring junior gilts that can win! He sets them out on the corners, but stays true and square from the top side of his skeleton all the way to the ground! As you study his foundation, his toes are big, thick, and even and he had the right kind of set and cushion to his hock, ankle and rear foot, allowing him to plant and drive like they need to in order to give us confidence that BIG DADDT will make offspring that can last the duration of the long drives through class, divisions, and all the way through the champion drives!! BIG DADDY is a Duroc boar that should get everyone excited! He’s got the elite phenotype, genetic power, and comes out of an incredible litter! He’s the total package—-BIG DADDY!!!