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Thug Nation

Thug Nation

Bone Thug x Solid Monster

Bred by Goss Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


PBG is very proud to introduce THUG NATION - Bone Thug x Solid Monster son bred by Goss Livestock that we and the Goss Family are extremely excited about. ALL of the Goss family are unanimous in their belief that this is the very best boar prospect they have produced. With the results Thug has put up thru the winter, spring, summer, and now into the fall, we believe THUG NATION joins a very elite set of Thug sons already in place @ PBG to keep it rolling well into the future.

Thug power and mass blown way open front and rear in an incredibly powerful but extended package. Gorgeous design to his angles and a very correct hip design. What we think makes THUG NATION most unique is the flexibility and reach and impeccable set to his pasterns that he brings along with all of his power.

We greatly appreciate the Goss family for their dedication to making them better and better and working with us to bring THUG NATION to PBG.


Cass County Fair

Market show

Shown by: Brianna Stockwell

Bred by: Brianna Stockwell

Sired by: Thug Nation