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Hired Gun\'s Littermate - Guyer\'s 5th Overall Cross WPX

Hired Gun

Hired Gun

Bone Thug x Johnny Monster

Bred by Weisinger Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:

HIRED GUN is our Bone Thug x Johnny Monster son from Weisinger Farms. It has been fun to watch the littermates to many of our boar purchases go on to be very successful this summer. Hired Gun certainly falls into that category as well as his littermate sister was very successful on the Illinois circuit prior to grabbing 5th Overall gilt honors @ WPX. She then went on to win Grand Overall Gilt honors @ the Iowa Circuit Grand Finale.

It is very fun to be able to roll this guy out for boar viewings. Powerfully fronted - but a very cool head and neck rolls back into a huge blade and keeps on rolling back thru a monster top and big ole rump. All on an ideal and MASSIVE set of wheels.

Hired Gun wins the "You have to re-picture him" award this summer as we are told frequently he is much better than his picture. Specifically the size of his front legs just do not read thru well on photos. THEY ARE HUGE.


3-time Reserve Grand Overall

Ring of Success

Shown by: Muhr Family

Bred by: Nathan Day/ Larry White

Sired by: Hired Gun