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Mercy Rule

Mercy Rule

No Mercy x Warfare

Bred by Goss Showpigs

Stress: CAR    EN:    Reg#:

PBG is very proud to introduce MERCY RULE our No Mercy x Warfare son from Goss showpigs. The rumble coming out of the Southwest on No Mercy has been pretty loud. Mercy Rule’s Warfare mother is the dam of Goss’s 2012 American Royal Grand Overall Barrow who was bred very similar as he was a No Fare son.

We want to be certain we have great boars for our customers to breed their Collector, Thug, & Chill females to and we think MERCY RULE is an incredible option to go along with Young Ambition (SuperMonster), #Hashtag (Swagger) & Gunslinger (Big Guns / Perry Genetics).

The mother of Mercy Rule is Warfare x Day-tripper sow who won her class @ OYE & has been a rock star producer for the Goss’s as in addition to the American Royal Grand she has raised in 3 litters:

2012 Premium Sale Barrow @ Tulsa (littermate to American Royal Grand). That litter also picked up numerous grand overalls @ Jackpots in the SW.  In her 2nd litter she produced the 2013 OYE Reserve Division 1 Crossbred Barrow. In this her 3rd litter, in addition to Mercy Rule, she produced a Premium Sale Barrow @ Tulsa.

Mercy Rule’s maternal Grandmother is the Day-tripper x Lumberjack pure Yorkshire who is the 2nd of the twin tower foundation females (along with THUG & SMOKE SHOW’s Grandma) for the Goss’s. She was a class winner @ Southwest Regional, Reserve Champion York at Dallas, & Reserve Champion York at Tulsa.

Pricing May 29-June 30 List - $75 per dose    Overrun Pricing after 11AM EST $50 per dose   Last Call Pricing After 3PM $50 Per dose


Grand Overall Barrow

Jefferson County Livestock Show

Shown by: Travis Cunningham

Bred by: David Young

Sired by: Mercy Rule

Class Winning Barrow

Georgia National Jr. Livestock Show

Shown by: Sarah Grace Young

Bred by: Young

Sired by: Mercy Rule