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Full Force

Full Force

PSSS Nom Nom Nom x Payload

Bred by Raymond Rice

Stress: CAR    EN:    Reg#:

Full Force is our NBS purchase from Raymond Rice and is a stress carrier son of PSSS Nom Nom Nom x Payoff.

The fact that we already had 5 Poland boars that we think combine to provide a very stout and diverse offering should give you a pretty good indication of how we feel about Full Force. Jake and Nolan told me there was a Poland boar we really needed to buy and I asked them one question - " Do we need him to breed to our sows?" and they both said absolutely. When he rolled off the trailer - I was thrilled they pushed hard to get him.

Full Force is one that will see big time use on those females in our herd that need to get blown open and keep their shape and put excellent structure under them. This is one pretty amazing Poland boar in our opinion.

Boar for boar, we think Full Force can go toe-to-toe with Perfect Storm and if you have toured the stud you know we LOVE Perfect Storm. Each one is unique in a different area but we are thrilled to be able to offer both out of our stud. We know how Mr Rice feels about this one and we agree and are not going to shy away from telling everybody we can that this is one incredible Poland China boar in our opinion. Visitors who have seen him agree that he is big time. This is why I listen when the boys get excited - told me we had to have him and I absolutely agree. HE IS A BEAST & HE CAN ROLL!!! Full Force is off to a great start here and will be seeing a very large number of our best this summer & fall!!!