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Let's Roll

Let's Roll

Better Be Ready 8-4 x Miss Indy (Convoy)

Bred by Wade Hendrickson

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LET'S ROLL is our BETTER BE READY 8-4 X MISS INDY 8-1 Hereford addition from Wade Hendricks. Littermate to Grand & Top Selling Boar STC.

LET'S ROLL is a brother - sister double-bred Convoy mating that we think can have a huge positive impact on the Hereford breed which has been improving very quickly the past few years.  Muscle to burn, massive boned, huge chest floor, look at the tail-set and look at the set to his pasterns.

We love the ones that can catapult a breed and we think this bad boy can get it done. When you have one this good and this tightly lined up it usually works out pretty stout.  We have heard of some very high dollar Let’s Roll babies changing hands this fall. He is making them STOUT-STOUT-STOUT

In-Season Pricing -  List Price $50 Overrun (After 11 AM EST) $50  Last Call (After 3 PM EST)  $30



Reserve Grand Champion Hereford Boar

2014 Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Adam Hendricks

Bred by: Adam Hendricks

Sired by: Let's Roll

Reserve Grand Hereford Gilt

Indiana State Fair 4-H

Shown by: Drew Johnson

Bred by: Johnson

Sired by: Let's Roll