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MM2 Bren x Problem Solver

Bred by Rick May

Stress: NEG    EN: 2-2    Reg#: 347260002

Bugatti is our $20,000 Top-Selling Duroc purchase from Rick May at the 2013 NSR STC. 

As good a red boar to make barrows as we can imagine. Busted way open front to rear. Dead square all four corners. Beautifully extended yet powerful head and neck.

That first look is always a key one and the first look you get when Bugatti comes rolling at you is incredibly impressive.

We feel Brian Anderson described Bugatti very well in his summary of the STC Duroc sale in the Seedstock Edge where he said:

"This guy had a presence like no other, was super square & look liked a barrow-show winner needs to look, If your goal is to make a red one that can win hog shows, then you better take a serious look… This one had a style and class all his own."

We agree. Combines power and freak in a very cool red package. Bugatti has become a beast since he has been home and has a huge full flank to match his awesome base width and look.

With Wise Guy & Bugatti in stud we think we have a Duroc to cover your red females however you need to go. Bugatti does what he looks like he would - make them cool, flashy, & with tons of shape.


Grand Overall Barrow

NJSA Eastern Regional

Shown by: Makcenzie Hoddup

Bred by: Knight Showpigs

Sired by: Bugatti