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Superman x Kimberly (Different Strokes)

Bred by PBG

Stress: NEG    EN: 3-8    Reg#: 118673008

SuperBad is Superman x Kimberly ( Different Strokes x Anne (What Else x Hattie (Miss Hathaway x All You Want))) which lines up the best Berkshire female we bred for 3 straight generations and it all starts with the queen of our Berkshire herd - Miss Hathaway.

SuperBad has Superman, Bar-None, Walk The Dog,  Different Strokes, What Else, & All You Want as the sires in his 1st 3 generations. On the female side he has the 2011 Houston Champion Gilt as his paternal grandmother and Hattie (Grand Gilt Indiana) as his maternal great-grandmother. Bottom line - genetically he has Berkshire greatness bred in.

So now we will talk about SuperBad himself. The best hip and hind leg set we have seen in a Superman son and the most enormous blade and top we have ever put in one, maybe of any breed. The set to his rear pasterns are absolutely ideal AND he has super-clean but extremely powerful head & neck. Lots of great Berkshire boars available - we think SuperBad has a shot to be an absolute legend. Some very stout reports on Superbad babies with a few we know that are feeding boars they really like for the summer / fall..

SuperBad picked up Reserve Boar & Gilt honors @ Wisconsin State Fair Open Show.