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Royal Flush x God's Gift

Bred by JJ Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 32-5    Reg#: 343264005

One of our prime objectives last summer was to bring a GREAT Duroc to PBG. We had heard reports and saw videos of lots of really good red ones heading to WPX and the show did not disappoint in our opinion and WISE GUY was one of the key reasons we thought the show was stout. It took $30,000 to get it done but we were thrilled to be able to load WISE GUY onto the trailer and bring him home.  We think he has all the tools to have a major impact in the Duroc breed.

WISE GUY draws you in with his powerful but extended head and neck and how he explodes into a massive rib and ripped top and stifle in a very sound and functional package.  Then he turns to come at you and he absolutely blows you away with an incredible chest floor that runs perfectly true all the way to the ground with toes dead square at every corner. Simply put, we think he combines power, style and correctness that few have done and makes him an extremely unique breeding piece to produce winning showstock that will have the longevity to improve the Duroc breed for several generations.

Time seems to have a way of sorting the pretenders from the contenders - we are very confident WISE GUY will prove to be a very WISE investment from the legendary herd of GUY Jackson. Wise Guy absolutely stamped his off-spring big chested, and very structurally correct.

His first crop produced Morgan Wagner’s multi-time Grand Overall Gilt in Michigan as well as Albright’s Class-winning boar @ WPX. Probably the most impressive impression we would take from Wise Guy’s first crop is that he produced a ton of very high quality show gilts that could compete at a national level and have the appearance of gilts that can become foundation sows in the future.


Champion Duroc & 4th Overall Gilt

Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Lauryn Truesdale

Bred by: Phil & Carl Liggett

Sired by: WISE GUY

Class 4 Duroc Boar Winner

World Pork Expo

Shown by: Albright Swine Farms

Sired by: WISE GUY


Champion Senior Showman and Champion Market Hog

Oakland Co. Jackpot Show

Shown by: Morgan Kennedy

Sired by: WISE GUY


Champion Duroc Barrow

Blackford County 4-H

Shown by: Sara Troyer -- Placed By: JRJ

Bred by: Buckley Family, IN

Sired by: WISE GUY

Grand Overall

Spartan Classic

Shown by: Morgan Kennedy

Bred by: Albrights

Sired by: WISE GUY