Teen Spirit x Best Man

Bred by Wintex

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Teen Spirit x Best Man x Teen Spirit's Dam
Bred by Wintex Farms
Owned with Wintex Farms ...
Stress Negative

Simply put we believe ANCHORMAN can have as big an impact on the showpig world as any boar we have put in stud! We had heard for several months that Anchorman was an absolutely special individual from those that had been to Wintex Farms to see him! As we headed out to Texas, we knew that we were going to try to do whatever we could to try to purchase Anchorman and bring him home to Premium Blend! After seeing him, we were all in! After hearing Will talk with conviction that they felt Anchorman was the “heir apparent” to Best Man and Lock It Up, and especially after seeing his early litters, we knew it was not going to be easy to get the WTX crew to sell him! We truly cannot thank Jay, Will and the entire crew at Wintex Farms enough for the opportunity to purchase Anchorman. We truly believe he has a chance to make the same type of impact that Best Man and Lock It Up had on the industry!

Anchorman combines freakish traits from every angle you analyze him, while doing so in a very sound, functional package! He is so unique in his length of neck and elevation up front, while offering immense stoutness of skull. Anchorman is absolutely enormous in his bone and foot size. Visitors have been amazed and at the sheer size of his legs, while still remaining very clean in his joints! His rib shape is unreal and he overwhelms with power and mass from every angle. We could go on for a very long time about just how special we think Anchorman is-we invite you to come view him in person. He is one truly incredible boar that has a chance to be the next Wintex legend!!

Fall 2019 Off-Season
(Oct 14 - Feb 29)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)