No Mas

No Mas

V40 x Vendetta (V40's Full SIster)

Bred by Lindner Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:

V40 x V40’s Full Sister (Vendetta)

Bred by Lindner Showpigs

Stress: Negative


NO MAS has had an awesome run in the SW and is building a very strong fan club. Elite prospects out of extremely deep litters.
In addition to Kaden's Grand Barrow - No Mas also sired:
OYE Reserve Grand Gilt - (2) Class-winners, (2) 2nd-place gilts and (1) 3rd place gilt.
San Antonio Champion Lightweight Hampshire Barrow
San Antonio Champion Div 1 Cross Barrow


We have been on a serious hunt for an elite Exotic boar that would be the perfect genetic and phenotypic match for Dirty Secret daughters. We had seen several V40 hogs we really liked and had won at the highest levels so when we heard Luke Lindner had a very special V40 son, this search immediately led us to Lindner Showpigs and resulted in the purchase of this truly ELITE individual!

The V40’s have had a tremendous run this winter and after seeing the incredible amount of success Luke had with V40 x Vendetta gilts and barrows throughout the major show season, we are even more excited that we were able to purchase this boar!! Additionally, on the trip to Lindner’s, Luke showed us through the sows and young gilts that he had built his program around. We were absolutely blown away with the sow herd Luke has put together. After seeing this incredible depth of quality and genetic horsepower of females standing at the foundation of him, we are even more confident in No Mas’s ability to be an absolutely DOMINATING sire!!

No Mas is simply put a barrow sire supreme and is unlike any sire ever housed at PBG. He is an absolute monster in his back shape and spread up high! He is so bold and robust in his center body with awesome turn to his upper rib with incredible body mass. No Mas is so unique in his look with a stout, masculine skull that is still very sharp and attractive with a tight ear set. He is so impressive in the length and design of his hip, with a hind leg that functions with supreme comfort. This should allow his offspring to keep driving comfortably while the competition tightens up! When a barrow that looks like No Mas comes out of the gate and drives right at the judge, you can bet you will be heading straight back to the pen and driving for the big banners! We greatly appreciate Luke letting us pry this one away!!! An incredible specimen with a very unique pedigree! This one is special! Lots of litters on the ground and tons of great reports on the No Mas babies!

(Apr 30 - Jun 30)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


Reserve Grand Champion GIlt

Oklahoma Youth Expo

Shown by: Paige Day

Bred by: Day Family Showpigs

Sired by: No Mas

1st place Class 1; 7th Division 1; 30th overall D


Shown by: Kaitlyn Bryant

Bred by: Coulson Show Pigs

Sired by: No Mas

Grand Champion Barrow


Shown by: Kaden Mason

Bred by: Blount Farms

Sired by: No Mas

Champion Lightweight Hampshire Barrow

San Antonio

Shown by: Avery Hopson

Bred by: Hopson Showpigs

Sired by: No Mas

Reserve York Barrow

Jack County Texas

Shown by: Kennedy Swan

Bred by: Lawyer Showpigs

Sired by: No Mas