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Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

Trump Card x Dream Squasher

Bred by Steve & Derek Earnhart

Stress: NEG    EN: 79-2    Reg#: 500616002


SPIRIT ANIMAL is our 2018 WPX $27,000 Hampshire purchase! We had been waiting to find one like this! The Earnhart Family name is synonymous with Hampshire greatness, raising boars that have made a dramatic impact on the Hampshire breed. The list of boars coming from the Earnhart Family are some of the most popular, dominant Hampshire sires of all time. We truly believe SPIRIT ANIMAL has the chance to be as influential as any they have bred!

SPIRIT ANIMAL is one of the most extreme, far reaching, “out there” breeding pieces we have had the opportunity to own. He is unreal in the sheer mass and power he offers. He is absolutely loaded with shape and expression working all the way down his back into a thick, full hip and rump. SPIRIT ANIMAL is very heavy boned, stout featured, and bold in his build. With all these extremes, he still balances, functions, and is very sound and correct! SPIRIT ANIMAL is one special Hampshire boar!

Every once in awhile, a truly unique boar comes along that has the chance to make extreme changes in a particular breed. We think SPIRIT ANIMAL is one of those boars that will make a substantial impact making better Hampshires that can compete for the “OVERALL” banners! SPIRIT ANIMAL can make the DIFFERENCE!!