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Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Dirty Secret x Full Strut x Black Onyx

Bred by Lettow Showpigs

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The Lettow firm has become synonymous with building elite showpigs that are impeccable in their skeletal build and design, and their ability to do this while piling on all the EXTRAS has been very impressive. Nick and Tye had been in contact with us about a Dirty Secret son that they thought was very special. They believed this boar was a supreme representation of what they try to do at Lettow Showpigs and felt he was one that they thought would fit in here @ PBG.. He lived up to everything we had hoped, and we are absolutely thrilled to bring this Dirty Secret x Full Strut x Black Onyx boar home to Premium Blend.

Secret Agent is built in the mold of the elite Dirty Secret offspring we have seen, but also offers some extremes in terms of his freakish look and extension through his head and neck, with loads of fresh back shape and a deep groove running from the backside of his blade to his hip. We have incredible faith in this boar to be an elite level sire! This one is SPECIAL!!

Secret Agent recently sired the 5th Overall Hamp @ OYE


2019 Crawford County

Jr Fair market hog show

Shown by: Blake Beckley

Bred by: ABC Showpigs

Sired by: Secret Agent

Reserve Grand Breeding GIlt

Bent County Spring Show

Shown by: Carson Gannon

Bred by: Burzlaff Showpigs

Sired by: Secret Agent