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Dark Secret

Dark Secret

Dirty Secret x Sky's The Limit

Bred by Heimer Hampshires

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With the tremendous success of Dirty Secret, we knew we wanted to add elite sons to offer to our customers and we targeted one of the guys that knew him best! Jesse and the crew at Heimer Hampshires have been on a dominating run in recent months, and the success he has experienced with Dirty Secret offspring has been very impressive to watch.We knew we needed to prioritize finding an ELITE Dirty Secret at HH, and can say with confidence that we purchased 2 incredible littermate sons – DARK SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL. Their pedigree reads Dirty Secret x Sky’s The Limit x Mountain Man x Swagger (Miss Abby). An amazing pair of boars backed by years of predictability in their pedigree, we have tremendous faith that these boars will make a lasting impact. The crew at HH have loads of confidence in the generating ability of these boars and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring them to PBG!

Dark Secret is one incredible boar! He offers the unique combination of an elite level look, design and presence with unreal mass and shape. Dark Secret is elevated at the point of his shoulder and offers great balance and proportions when viewed from the side. He is heavy boned, big footed, and very stout featured.Busted open and blown apart in his chest and maintains this spread through his center body. When set in motion, he is very athletic and flexible, allowing him to plant and drive with great freedom and range of motion! As he drives away, he is square and presnts a big square hip with lots of shape that carries down through his stifle! Dark Secret reads as a very versatile sire that can make dominating barrows, boars, and gilts. Ones built like this don’t come along very often, we think this one is going to make a substantial impact! Special boar!