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Wedding Blues x FFL (Got Your Swag x 96-6 Warfare Sow @

Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:

**$12,000 Weanling Purchase at Perfect Timing**

The Perfect Timing Pig Sale has proven to be one of the premier pig sales in the fall and we always look forward to searching for elite boar prospects at this sale! While watching the preview, this blue belted Ottenwalter boar hit us extremely hard!! He has matured out exactly as we hoped and we are thrilled to offer him as a tremendous option!

SMOKE is a true powerhouse! He is huge in his bone, forearm, and foot! Blown apart at the base of his chest and carries this width and mass through the center portion of his body. He is very impressive when you get on top of him with a deep groove running from his blade to his big, square hip. Smoke is extremely stout in his overall build and skeletal design! This is a power hog that is tailor made for those bigger framed, more extended females that need more mass!

Exciting boar that has been good through every stage of his development and one we expect to be a tremendous sire!

Smoke recently sired the Reserve Grand Cross Barrow @ the 2019 NJSA Southeast Regional!


Res Ch Cross Barrow and 4th Overall

Vigo County Fair

Shown by: Emma Chambers

Bred by: Pat Marchino, Marchino Show Pigs

Sired by: Smoke

Decatur County

Decatur County 4-H

Shown by: Kiley Beat

Bred by: Beat Family Show Pigs

Sired by: Smoke