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Bad Blood

Bad Blood


Bred by Lackey Livestock

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Our trip to Lackey Livestock also resulted in the purchase of this tremendous boar! Bad Blood is so good in his balance and proportions, while still offering stoutness and mass! This is a boar that can fix lots of issues and still bring some extremes to the table! Very good hog!! His sire, Vendetta, is putting together quite the resume and his mother is Lackey’s best and has produced the 2017 SA Champ Dark Cross and 2016 SA Champion Hamp!

Bad Blood represents skeletal build and flexibility at its best! His running gear and ability to get out and get to a next gear is second to none! For a hog that represents this type of timeless design, he still offers good spread and shape.He is descript and expressive in his mass and carries this from the top of his hip, down through a deep, full stifle. Bad Blood is a great option for those extreme sows that need to be corrected in their structure without giving up that needed power and mass. Very good boar with an incredible pedigree that has a very bright future!