Lock It Up x Stingray x Best Man ( Wedding Crasher's

Bred by Brinning Genetics

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Initially, our trip to Brinning’s was completely focused on finding a way to convince Shane to sell us Curtain Call. However, while walking back through the barn, we noticed an incredible younger boar in the pen next to him. Seeing STONES for the first time, we were blown away and we immediately knew we had to find a way to bring him to PBG as well!!

Stones is one that reads like a big time barrow sire! He is square and proportionate in his build and balance! He is opened up and square coming and going with really good shape and mass up high! Stones is very rugged and stout in his feature. For a boar that has this much stoutness and mass, he still presents a really trendy look and design from the side.He has a great running gear and can get out and go with great range of motion. Sired by the very successful Lock It Up and out of a Stingray x Best Man sow that was 5th Overall at Georgia National last year! Additionally, that Best Man granddam is a littermate to the great Wedding Crasher boar at Brinning’s!Stones has a pedigree that is stacked with years of barrow dominance, strengthening our confidence in him to be an elite level sire!!

Stones picked up a very good win as he sired the San Antonio Reserve Champion Div. 2 Other Cross Barrow

Summer 2019 Off-season a
(May 9 - Aug 2)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


5th Overall Market Hog

The 400 Showdown

Shown by: Garrett Wolfe

Bred by: Brinning Genetics

Sired by: Stones

3rd Overall Market Hog

Clash of Champions

Bred by: Worden Showpigs

Sired by: Stones