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Momma's Boy

Momma's Boy

Homemade 17-4 x Homebody

Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 58-3    Reg#: 480417003

Momma’s Boy is the result of mating Homemade 17-3 to the Homebody x Model-T daughter we sold to Ottenwalters that grabbed Grand Overall Gilt honors @ the ‘12 NJSA Western. Possum’s littermate gilt grabbed Champion Hampshire honors @ OYE that same year.

Momma’s Boy’s paternal Granddam was Newnum’s 2009 Reserve Overall NJSS Gilt and his maternal Granddam is our foundation Model-T sow that Jerry McLemore told us was the best he had let go of when we purchased her.  We have noticed pretty quickly that most of the boars that end up in the stud have at least one great female laying behind them and Momma’s Boy proves that point more than any other.

Pictures usually don’t tell you much about soundness but we think you can get the picture that Momma’s Boy isn’t afraid of where his next step is gonna land. We think there are lots of Hampshire sows that can use what Momma’s Boy has to offer. Momma’s Boys babies look just like you would think. Stout, wide, huge boned.

Momma’s Boy is off to a great start with Cody & Mike Day’s class-winning boar @ Belton.


Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow and 6th Overall

Indiana State Fair 4-H

Shown by: Jada Johnson

Bred by: JJ Genetics

Sired by: Momma's Boy

1st class 1

Belton sw conf

Shown by: Cody Day Day Farms

Bred by: Day farms

Sired by: Momma's Boy