Fear This

Fear This

Kankles x Kankles

Bred by

Stress: CAR    EN: 107-2    Reg#: 48770002

FEAR THIS our very exciting Poland purchase at the 2017 STC in Springfield where he was Grand Champion Poland Boar! FEAR THIS is a Kankles x Kankles stress carrier bred by Foote Farms. From the first time we saw this one, we knew that FEAR THIS was a boar we absolutely had to own!

FEAR THIS is as unique and progressive in his build and look as any Poland boar we have ever seen! Choke fronted, long necked and extremely elevated at the point of h...is blade. He is still huge chested and maintains this spread all the way back through to his hip and carries that width and mass to the ground. He has a defined, crisp muscle pattern with a deep ditch running all the way down his back. FEAR THIS is absolutely incredible on his feet and legs! For a Poland boar he offers the unique ability to provide cushion and set through his hock to the ground, giving him the ability to plant, drive, and motor around the yard with unmatched ease and comfort.

In addition to his awesome phenotype, FEAR THIS presents an incredible genetic punch, being a double bred Kankles. This provides even more confidence in the generating ability and breed changing Poland. FEAR THIS is bred to be unique and make a big difference! HOLD ON TIGHT!

Owned with Sandall Showpigs.

Spring In-Season 2018
(Mar 12 - May 31)
(After 11am)
Last Call
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