Rain Dance

Rain Dance

First Sight x Perfect Storm

Bred by Rains & Canales

Stress: NEG    EN: 73-5    Reg#: 48294005

Rain Dance is our exciting Poland purchase from the 2017 WPX!! Bred by Rains & Canales, this boar combines so many extreme breeding pieces to compliment his unique genetic makeup in one incredible STRESS NEGATIVE package!

Rain Dance is incredible in the power and dimension he offers! He is big and bold on the top side of his skeleton and carries this through his burly rib cage and center body! He is blown wide open through his chest floor and maintains genuine width and power from his hip to the ground as he drives away. Rain Dance is unreal in his structure and foot size, yet still has the ability to plant and drive off of his rear leg with great range of motion. This guy looks like one that can be a changer and make a dramatic impact on the breed!

Genetically, this boar is as good as it gets! Sired by the ultra popular First Sight here at PBG and out of a littermate sister to Purple Rain, the record selling Poland boar. In addition, his granddam is Kankles mother, adding further predictability to his worth as a true generator! This one gets us extremely excited and he will be used very heavily within our own herd! We think Rain Dance will be an absolute force!!

Spring In-Season 2018
(Mar 12 - May 31)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)