Bear 52

Bear 52

Bear 84 x Monster Square

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

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Premium Blend is very proud to introduce BEAR 52! BEAR 52 is our Bear 84 x Monster Square son purchase from Steve Cobb & Family. For those that have seen Bear 84, this son is built almost identically to him being freakish in his height at the point of his shoulder with great extension through his head and neck! Being this tall fronted, he still offers really good angulation to his shoulder and is blown apart in his chest floor. He offers extreme muscle definition down his ...back into a big, square hip, while exhibiting extra spring and curvature to his rib with awesome depth of body. Super square and athletic as he comes and goes.

This guy is so extreme, yet covers all the fundamentals to a very high degree- we read barrow-sire supreme all over this guy!!! BEAR 52 is an ELITE level showpig sire!!

Aaron's description on B52:

"Bear 52 is so much like his daddy it's scary. His sire was years ahead of his time and has proven himself to be a special kind of show barrow sire that can always generate incredible females. If we were forced to start our herd all over again and could only pick 5 sows from our existing herd, Bear 52’s mother 20-6 Monster Square daughter is a NO DOUBT MUST HAVE! He will get bred to more sows in Lake City than B84 at this point. And That's a big deal."

Stress Negative

Summer Off-Season
(May 14 - Jul 31)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


2nd Place Dark Cross

San Antonio Livestock Show

Shown by: Keylie Rihn

Bred by: Vernor Show Pigs

Sired by: Bear 52