Chained Dog

Chained Dog

Best Man x Bone Thug

Bred by Weisinger Farms

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CHAINED DOG is our off the farm purchase from Weisinger Farms. CHAINED DOG comes from great stock as he is a Best Man on a Bone Thug dam. The dam was the 3rd Overall Crossbred Gilt at the 2014 WPX shown by the Langholff family and is one of the true foundation females @ Weisingers.

CHAINED DOG is a littermate to the very popular gilt that the Coulson/Green family has shown throughout Oklahoma this winter. That gilt has grabbed several big banners in her show career and was named 6th Overall Commercial Gilt @ OYE.

Chained Dog is incredible in his build and true "show barrow" construction. Freakish in the look and extension through his head, neck, and jawline. Busted open in his chest as he drives right at you and is square and genuine in his build throughout. He is descript and expressive down his back, offering great shape and spread on the top side of his skeleton. When set in motion, he is awesome in his flexibility and his ability to find a second gear and go is second to none!

The Weisingers turned down several large offers to sell CHAINED DOG as a barrow last fall but they were convinced he had tremendous value as a stud especially given the incredible dam laying behind him - we can’t wait to unleash CHAINED DOG and see what great things he can do!!!

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