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Round Trip

Round Trip

Back Home x Non-Typical

Bred by Mauck Show Hogs

Stress: NEG    EN: 47-2    Reg#: 141434002

Round Trip is our exciting purchase from Mauck Showhogs from the 2016 Perfect Timing Sale! Sired by Back Home on a tremendous Non Typical sow, this guy hit us hard as a weanling in Lawton! As he has matured he has continued to impress us with his immense power, mass, and extreme rib and body shape. Round Trip is huge backed and carries this shape down through his lower stifle. With all this power and width, he still reads attractive and elevated through his head and neck, offering a great "show hog" look when viewed from the side. Round Trip stands on huge legs and is very square and athletic when set in motion.

If you are looking to add sheer mass, expression, and POWER, Round Trip is the boar for you!