Visionary x Triple Crown

Bred by WinMor Farms

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INTUITION is another Duncan purchase that we are very excited about!! INTUITION hit us very hard when he entered the ring as one that could make incredible show barrows!

Ideal in his frame size and stature while being ultra-tall at the point of his shoulder and extended through his head and neck!! INTUITION is heavy, heavy boned with a huge forearm! Defined and crisp down his back with great turn and curvature to his rib.

Sired by Visionary on a Triple Crown female makes him bred exactly like the 2016 WPX Open Show Champion Crossbred gilt that WinMor bred, adding even more predictability to the equation! We can’t wait to see what INTUITION can get done in making better show hogs!!

Fall 2017 Off-Season
(Oct 19 - Mar 11)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)