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Made Man

Made Man

The Godfather x Untouchable

Bred by Malcolm Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 10-1    Reg#: 570808001

Made Man is our $21,000 2015 WPX purchase from Malcolm Farms.  The Godfather on an Untouchable dam, Made Man is built like a barrow-making machine.  Busted way open coming at you, moderate in his frame size, with an outstanding hip and rear leg design, with a massive top and huge stifle. We think Made Man has a major place to help Yorkshires in making them truer behind hip to ground and correcting low pastern issues.  We believe if you walk behind a barrow that looks like Made Man, you will be in for a fun run.


Reserve Division 1 York Gilt

World Pork Expo

Shown by: Jacie Cantrell

Bred by: Cantrell

Sired by: Made Man