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Mayhem x Homemade 45-1

Bred by Cook Family Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: 1-5    Reg#: 483562005

Madness is a littermate to Anarchy our 16,000 Champion Duncan purchase.

Like Anarchy, there is incredible sow power laid into this one as the dam is the mother of Home Cookin’ @ Triple B. She is Homemade 45-1 x Homegrown x (Unreal x Black Oak) with her grandma being a littermate to Crouch’s Champion WPX gilt, her great-grandmother is Cook’s Jane sow & her great- great grandmother is Mark Long’s famous Black Oak sow.

Anarchy & Madness both have the Mayhem structural correctness his off-spring are known for. Madness is the more massive-legged blown apart of the pair.

We added Madness to PBG for a simple reason, we want to breed sows to him and we think he can help the Hampshires make progress for our customers as well.


Champion Hampshire

Clarke County Classic

Bred by: Kaufman

Sired by: Madness


Champion Hamp

Michigan Livestock Expo

Shown by: Lauren Wildt

Bred by: Albright Swine Farms

Sired by: Madness

Class-winning Hamp Barrow

Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Auburn Harvey

Bred by: Harvey

Sired by: Madness

Class-winning Hamp Gilt

Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Meghan Reed

Bred by: Cook Family Livestock

Sired by: Madness