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Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Mental Rush x No Fare x Warfare

Bred by Goss Livestock

Stress: CAR    EN:    Reg#:

MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE with as stout and impressive a skull as you can put on one. RUSH HOUR brings power everywhere you study him and yet ties it together in a complete and functional package. We think freak on a leash best describes what makes a sire a great one for us and RUSH HOUR fits that description very, very well. The fact that he spices things up with some color is a very nice bonus to be able to offer our customers.

It seems like 4 has been a common number this year as we added the Weisinger "Gang Of Four", the Cobb "Fantastic Four" and now Rush Hour joins Thug Nation, Trust Fund & Rap Sheet to complete the Goss "Phenomenal Phour".

As we have had the chance to view and visit with these firms, there is clearly one common thread behind the way they each approach breeding showpigs - sow power that has been built for many generations emphasizing structural correctness to the point of obsession. Each of these boars are the result of many years studying females from the ground up and hording great females like they are the Hope diamond.

If you need to blow them apart & stouten them up and want to get some color in your babies - we offer Rush Hour to get you in the fast lane and to your final destination - in a hurry.


Grand Champion Market Hog

Howard County Fair

Shown by: Dean Bennett

Bred by: Bennett Family Livestock

Sired by: Rush Hour

Grand Overall Market Hog

Treasure Valley Swine Spectacular

Shown by: Gabe Summerall

Bred by: T & R Showpigs

Sired by: Rush Hour