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Invite Only

Invite Only

Shoot The Moon x WOW

Bred by Eddy Meers & Brandon Ogle

Stress: NEG    EN: 4-2    Reg#: 556795002

Invite Only is our Shoot The Moon x WOW son from Eddy Meers & Brandon Ogle. Saying you project a boar as a gilt sire used to be the kiss of death. With the NJSA program in place, great Yorkshire gilts are worth their weight in gold. SO, we will say proudly that we think Invite Only has big-time show-gilt maker written all over him.

The term "tree-trunk legs" gets thrown around a bunch but this boar has just enormous legs. Massive everywhere you study him yet with a gorgeous design. His hip design, the angles of his rear joints and the set to his pasterns are ideal.

We were hoping to do a major upgrade to our Yorkshire line-up this summer. Now that The Prophet, White Rhino, & Invite Only have joined Cloud 9 we feel very confident we have one of the elite sets of Yorkshires you will find anywhere.

Reports have been off-the charts on INVITE ONLY babies. Word is spreading fast and re-orders are rolling in!!!


Oregon State Fair

Oregon State Fair York

Shown by: TLC Livestock

Bred by: TLC Livestock

Sired by: Invite Only