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Top Gun

Top Gun

Creature 63-11 x Bear

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

Stress: CAR    EN:    Reg#:

TOP GUN is our $50,000 Maverick full-sib On-Line purchase from Steve Cobb & Family. When you see his mom (pictured) you feel really good that Top Gun is bred to look like this and will pass his look along to his off-spring. Like his littermate ICE MAN, TOP GUN combines cool & power with rib, top-shape and muscle. "Showhog look" may be hard to define but you know it when you see it and we think TOP GUN & ICE MAN have it in spades - a pair of very cool cats.

Probably the most flexible of the pair. Steve Cobb commented as they loaded him onto our trailer that he thinks TOP GUN may have as much to offer to breed to their females as any of the 3 Maverick full-sibs that were auctioned. They backed that up by purchasing back interest in both full-sibs to breed some of their best to them.

Top Gun babies are big backed, big middled and stout.


Supreme champion

York fair

Shown by: Sarah kohr

Bred by: James and Noah Manbeck

Sired by: Top Gun

Grand Champion Market Hog

York fair

Shown by: Grant cash

Bred by: James manbeck

Sired by: Top Gun

Grand Champion Barrow

Lawrence County Fair

Bred by: Midnight Farms/ Andrews Family

Sired by: Top Gun


Champ Light Cross Breeding Gilt/ Res Overall Breed

Shown by: Schultz Family

Sired by: Top Gun